My USA route

May 15, 2016


I am in the United States from May, 23rd till June, 30th 2016.

This is not my first visit to the USA.
When I was 16 I have spent a school year in Kentucky being an exchange student. I lived in a wonderful family and it was probably the most life-changing experience I have ever had. I was a girl from a small Russian town, where I didn’t have Internet (nor even a home phone!) and for the first time in my life I was thrown into independent decision making in a totally unknown country. This is pretty much why I learnt to be fearless, open-minded and self-dependent so early and became a person that I am now. And this is also the answer to the question why I am doing this trip alone: the States feel almost like home!

Back in 2000 besides Kentucky, where I lived, I got to visit Chicago and Washington DC. And that’s pretty much it. Now I am coming back to see all the wonders of America from sea to shining sea.

Well, here’s my route. Click on the picture to view it in Google.

The 1st week is perfectly planned.

May, 23rd I arrive to NYC to spend 3 days there.
May, 27th I will be my friends guest in New Haven, CT. Hopefully my first long-read post about NYC will appear there.
May, 28th I’ll be exploring lighthouses of Cape Cod. Maybe, Pequod leaving the Nuntucket harbour saw some of their lights?
May, 29th – Boston.
May, 30th – a good plan is to reach Buffalo this day,  But the trip is long and it’ll be okay to be there on the 31st.

Further plans are more spontaneous.
See Niagara, go to Chicago. There are so many interesting lighthouses on the way that it may take 2-3 days.
June, 7th I fly from Chicago to Denver. Нooray to the lowcost ticket for 54$! Now the route which would have taken me 2 days (without any lighthouses!) will take only 3 hours! Besides I’ll get to see Denver!
June, 9th – hitchhiking to Yellowstone National Park.
I have no clue how to get inside Yellowstone – I don’t have a car, which I will desperately need there. But I hope to find companions on the road or on Internet.
From Yellowstone it’s not so far to Seattle area, where my dear friends live. Hope to get some rest there and write one more great blog post for you guys.

The rest you can see on the map: a hitchhiking trip along the beautiful Oregon coast and Californian lighthouses, San-Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Antelope and Grand Canyons.
LA is on the map, but I’m not really into movie stars – what do you think, should I go there? If I have time – or a cheap flight from LA to NYC – I will definitely visit it!

My flight home from New-York is on June, 30th and I don’t really wanna hitchhike through the hottest and dustiest states. I really hope I’ll fing a good flight!

I’m all into forums, sending tonns of questions to my friends in States, but still I’ll be very thankful for any advice and travel tips.
What to see or not to see, which mobile SIM card to get, what to eat and where to sleep – all is precious!
If you have friends on my route, who can host one redhead traveler for one night – tell them about me!

I’m not taking a laptop with me and most of my camping stuff I am going to get in the USA. Big posts will not appear here very often, so join me on FB or Instagram for your dose of daily travel spam =)

Wish me luck! Here I come!


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