My first video

May 15, 2016


My trip to Crimea is memorable for a bunch of stories: hiding from guards to have some vine on a secret private beach, descending by foot from the rocky Ai-Petri mountain, floatind on the roof of a yacht listening to Pink Floyd, swimming in waterfalls, winning a bunch of cash from mad Ukranian dudes (poker!) and having the best party with this money. Our driver was robbed and we had to spend two more days at the seaside, dying from heat while he waiter for his keys and docs to be delivered from home…

One more cool memory that after this trip I have made my first video ever! That was the time when I got my first iPhone and used it for shooting, and then explored iMovie. So it’s kinda lumpy, but full of warm memories, sun and salty air!

The video is here for a reason. In April I traveled to Estonian lighthouses with bicycles and 2 awesome cameramen. A super-duper video is coming up, including some aerial shots. Check out Bikes&Lights!

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