Australia: Great Ocean Road Video

October 22, 2016


Visiting Australia and seeing just cities is a waste of time: it is a country of oceans, rainforests and amazing animals. The most beautiful place I saw there was Great Ocean Road.
Sometimes words are just not enough – check out the video:

Some tips about how to see GOR with your own eyes.

Plan at least one day in your travel schedule.
A choice of bus tours to GOR from Melbourne is confusing, but they are all pretty much the same: a travelers nightmare. The buses are stuffed with other tourists and stop on every spot on just a short time – enough to take some quick pictures and rush to the next viewpoint. There are also some local buses – pretty expensive, like all the transport in Australia. You probably won’t wish to adjust to their schedule and stops.
You may try to hitch-hike – but be ready to camp or to stay in a hotel on the way. The time spent on hitch-hiking is always unpredictable and you may have to spend an extra day to see all the sights.

The best, cheapest and fastest way to see Great Ocean Road is to rent a car.
But if you left your drivers license at home… don’t ask how it happened, but we had to look for another option.
And this is how we met Vadim.

Vadim guides private driving tours on Great Ocean Road. His brand new Nissan is huge and comfortable like a cloud. Vadim picked us up at the airport and showed us all the spots on GOR which we planned to visit – and some new ones as well. He arranged a good discount in a cafe on the way, provided delicious fruits and drinks for us and entertained us the whole way.
If we rented a car, the price would be just a little bit lower. But my husband would have to drive alone all day, getting used to the right-hand traffic, accurately watching the navigation not to get lost on the unknown route. That would make him skip so many wonders, that we could see from the window feeling absolutely relaxed with Vadim!
I absolutely recommend Vadim – feel free to contact him on Facebook to learn all the details.

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